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Indian Food Heaven at the Upton Park Guesthouse

Slough's best kept secret lays hidden in a tranquil oasis. At The Temple Monkey we pride ourselves on being a relaxed and unpretentious Indian restaurant, that has won the hearts of local curry connoisseurs in the short time we have been open. The friendly service and comfortable surrounding make it an ideal setting where friends, family and work colleagues can come and relax, wine and dine.

With a population of around 1 billion people, a multitude of cultures and a handful of religions India is rightfully know as a subcontinent.

With 27 culinary regions and hundreds of local cuisines, there can be no such thing as just Indian food. At The Temple Monkey our menu takes you on a journey through the different regions, each with its own character reflected in its cooking style.

Over the years India's culinary quilt has been further patterned by the many settlers who called India there home. By combining the seasoning and cooking techniques of both Indian and China in some of our dishes, we hope to give you an insight on how India's food culture has been open to new ideas and developed over the years.

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