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Welcome to the Upton Park Guesthouse


Our view is that hotels can often be a bit dull, faceless and unfriendly. Either that, or interesting but just plain expensive! So we've set out to do our bit to change all that by infusing some real passion and natural warmth into ours.

What you'll find here is a hotel with style combined with a homely feel and charm. We believe that good design is important but after a long day's work or sight seeking you'll also want to be able to flop with a nice drink in a warm, comfortable and convivial atmosphere - and, if you feel like it, be able to chat with discreet, friendly and knowledgeable staff, who won't view you simply as a number (and we've all know that feeling at one time or another!). In fact it's fair to say that we see our visitors as our friends rather than customers. And that's a significant point - because everything that we do here revolves around this ethos.

The result is a tranquil retreat, with just the right balance of design and homeliness, wonderful food and drink, all in a beautiful and convivial setting.

In fact we look forward to making you feel right at home!